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Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier) Workshop in Buseu (Lleida)

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On All Saints’ long weekend I had the chance to join a Photographic Workshop focused on Bearded Vultures in Buseu (Lleida).  Workshop was directed by Antonio Liebana, great photographer and even better (if possible) companion.

Group was completed with Goyo and Angel (from Madrid) and Juan Carlos (Ciudad Real).  Excellent companions as well with whom I enjoyed every minute of the weekend

Buseu has probably the biggest colony of Lammergeier in Europe, thanks to the effort, enthusiasm and constancy, along more than 10 years, of catalan biologist Jordi Canut, that has a feeder in this abandoned village in Baix Pallars.

3 Hides, well distributed around the feeder, allowed us to enjoy during 3 days of the flights, feeding, fights and interaction of these endangered creatures, together with Griffons and Black Vultures.

Photographic sessions were long, extending from 9:00 to 17:00, as we had to enter the hides before Lammergeiers became active and stay there until they were back to their nest and sleeping places, when Jordi came to pick us up.

I have to confess that I’ve never taken so many photos in a single day session (more than 2.700) and I’ve never deleted so many!!!  (more than 1.800 of these were pure gargabe, out of focus, blurred…).  It is really not easy to keep the focus on on flying birds, especially considering that the glass of the hide, and the usage of a 1.4x converter were not helping the autofocus system of my Canon 7D.

Here I include some of the photos taken on the first day in Buseu.  In future posts I will add some more pictures and talk a little bit more about the workshop and my experiences there.



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