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Storms (and migration) are arriving to Southern Serengeti

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At beginning of this week I was doing a quick weekend safari (3 nights) to Serengeti and Ngorongoro.  In Serengeti we camped at Seronera area.  I was gladly surprised to discover that the storms were arriving at this area.  

From Seronera in the north to Naabi Gate, and even across Ngorongoro Conservation area until Ndutu, you could see rain and heavy storms surrounding (or being on top of) you.
And with the rains, the migration was also arriving!!   The first “regiments” of the big migration were entering the Seronera area proceeding from Sopa area.  Checking my GPS notes, the migration was in the same zone that it was in February 2012, meaning that they had come back 2 months earlier than previous time.  Good news for sure for all my friends, colleagues and wildlife photography fans that are planning to travel to Ndutu on February next year for the calving season.

As usual, zebras were acting as advanced explorers of the migration army, and while migration was entering Seronera area, I saw “recon” zebras groups (very big indeed) around Naabi Gate. And our driver told me that these zebra groups have gone further south the week before, at Ndutu lake itself, 30 km south of Naabi gate.

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