About me

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I’m an amateur wildlife photographer, currently based in Barcelona.  I’ve developed a true passion for wildlife photography, specially in Africa. This passion exploded along the last 4 years,when, due to professionalcircumstances, I had the chance to live for more than 3 years in Johannesburg, South Africa.  But this passion, like an infection, didn’t appear suddenly, but had been incubating for years and years, ever since I was born.

I remember myself, being a very young kid, devouring the pages of Fauna (an spanish Nature books collection), and most specially the 2 first volumes, dedicated to African fauna.

I remember, also very well, myself wandering along the old photographic lab that my grandfather had at home, looking at the endless racks of chemical products bottles and multiple devices disposed on the tables.  And reading number after number of Arte Fotográfico (Photographic Art), a magazine that my grandfather collected for years.

These virus were deposited there, inside me, for years and remained there dormant.

A third virus was innoculated on 1998, when I had the chance to visit Africa for the first time, and discover the endless plains of the Serengeti and the wonder of Ngorongoro Crater. And this continent, with its special light, completely different from Europe’s one, entered also in my bloodstream for ever.  On following years, additional travels to Africa (Botswana, Namibia, Southern Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique) only increased my love for Africa.

Then, in 2009, when I started my life adventure in South Africa, all these viruses, dormant, had the chance to explode together into a passion that is ever growing.  I’m trying to share this passion, and the fruits of it, my photographies, through this website, with all people that may feel a similar like and love for photography, wildlife and/or Africa

In the recent years I’ve had the chance to visit quite often some of the best National Parks and Game Reserves in South Africa (Kruger, Madikwe, Kgalagadi and Sabi Sands) as well as some of the best destination for wildlife photography in Africa:  Okavango Delta, Mashatu and Savuti in Bostwana, Maasai Mara in Kenya, Serengeti and Ngorongoro again in Tanzania, South Luangwa in Zambia.

In most of these safaris I’ve had the chance to learn a lot about light, composition, techniques, animal behaviour, post-processing and more from the large group of incredibly gifted and talented wildlife photographers that South Africa have, some of which I consider now, humbly, my colleagues and friends.

I hope that all of you that visit my website will enjoy the experience. And any comment or advice that you may provide will be helpful in my evolution as photographer.This learning process has been complemented with much reading, a good numbers of hours of photo safari (less than I wished), observing the art creation from photographers worldwide and  spending endless hours selecting and post-processing my pictures (much more hours than I ever though it was possible to spend).